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Consulting, Sponsorship & Funding


Resources to improve business & fund your dreams
Go Forward - Move Ahead
intrendin Growth Marketing can come in and analyze your needs. An outside set of eyes can get your team on track.
intrendin Growth Marketing brings 50 NASCAR wins and understands how to economically package your team to attract sponsors.
Your great idea needs funding. intrendin Growth Management helps you package your idea for investment. Our partners are ready to invest in your great idea.
Company Assessment

Your company has great products and people, yet your known needs always seem to sit on the back burner.


Intrendin Growth Marketing analyzes the best way to meet your goals. Our CEO for a Day, Week or on a schedule will get you on track.


Identifying needs is step one. Implementation using our resources moves projects off the burner and into action. We look at your spends and create efficiencies that reduce costs year after year.

Sponsor Search

Top Race Teams need exposure to attract money. We can handle your PR needs setting your team up to increase your odds of attracting marketing dollars.


Aspiring Professional Golfers & Athletes that need funding to pursue their dream can benefit from our marketing programs and sponsor search efforts.


We also work with existing Professional Athletes of all types to increase their exposure and attract endorsement opportunities.

Angel & Venture Capital

Prospecting to fund your dream is coupled with your goals. Do you need investment that is not available through traditional banking options?


Are you looking to go "Big" and need the resources provided by a Venture Capital Firm? We work with you and ensure you are provided with the right information to make sound business decisions. From there, we partner you with the best people that can help fund your dream.


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