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Targeted Ads

Measured Impact

intrendin Growth Marketing supports advertising via a targeted Google Adwords approach. We tailor ads and Google budget for maximum performance.

Google Adwords

A Planned Approach


Google Adwords is an efficient and targeted way to reach your customers. You can measure your impact at a glance. Setting your maximum budget is simple and you can have instant control. Change your budget on a whim. Launch a new product with a bang and tie together your promotions with a unified plan. We get you going and build advertising at your budget aimed at the right customers the first time.


Getting Started


Taking that first step places your team on the path to growth. We tailor a solution that meets your needs. Their are multiple ways to go about your Adwords campaign and we study your business and recommend the best way to get going.


Intrendin Growth Marketing can build your initial presence and we can stay on to maximize performance. Or, we can get you started and your team can take care of ongoing adjustments.


If you want an explosive campaign we align you with the best people that live to grow you business through Adwords. From small start up to established business, we customize the best way to identify growth. 

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