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Your Personal Brand Gets You Noticed


Placing time and energy into your personal brand works on all fronts. By getting you noticed, your products, company and people will share in your visibility. If you want to grow - know that your personal brand enhances everything around you.

Growing your Personal Brand helps you and your company. intrendin Growth Managment knows the value of your personal brand and we work to protect and grow icreasing PR attracting endorsements
Growing Your Personal Brand to Attract Brands & PR


Your Personal brand creates needed visibility. Increasing industry and public exposure creates credibility gaining positive momentum that gives and gives.


If you aspire to grow in your profession, sport, or require a level of notariety to promote your inspirations, then a path toward creating a recogonized personal brand should be paved to place you in the spotlight.


Intrendin Growth Marketing helps your team to develop your personal brand. Opportunities come to those that are noticed creating a pathway towards ongoing success. A One Message approach reaches across all platforms.

Product sales are increased by taking steps to become and Industry Influencer. Self promotions derived by intendin Growht Management produced original content that keeps you in the news.
From helping you to become a board member or building a Knowledge Based presentation intrendin Growth Marketing carries you to the top.
Enhancing Your Personal Brand to Grow Your Company


Product sales are increased by taking steps to become and Industry Influencer. Self promotions derived by producing original content that keeps you in the news.


The goal is to take a humble approach that leverages your personal brand to enhance your company brand and products.


Participating in as many possible interviews, events helps grow your personal brand. We can set you up with a personal blog creating notoriety via production of knowledge sharing and relevant content.

Participating in Industry Events to Get Brands Noticed


Seminars produced in house featuring you as the informed speaker provide a service and leave a positive impression without selling. Knowledge sharing is the key to being relevant.


Panels at tradeshows, becoming a board member and donating time are all ways to get you out there.


We can work with you to identify the enjoyable avenues that provide real value. Once your goals are identified we can locate the right industry or company events for you to shine. We will find and place you in the right situations.

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