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Rep Services - Use our connections to increase Your Sales


Intrendin Growth Marketing knows how to connect your products to the right sales channels. Whether you need increased wholesale distribution or take a direct to consumer approach, we have a program for you. Our contacts in Automotive & Golf are born from a deep history of servicing these markets. We focus on niche market categories and leverage our contacts in conjunction with customers that are passionate about their area of interest. In short, we connect customer passion to your brand.

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Exselon an Amazon Delivery Service Partner


Exselon has a fleet of over 60 Delivery Vehicles. The Amazon 2.0 Delivery Service Partner Program was launched in the Fall of 2018. Exselon was in the first wave of nearly 100 new companies created to delivery Amazon products within hours of being ordered online. The new Amazon program has been wildly successful. Today, there are over 2500 DSP's and the business model continues to grow. Exselon is in the Top 5% of all DSP's in the country!

Performance Racing Industry


Jeff Butcher has been a fixture in the Performance Racing Industry for over 30 years. Racing Technical Article production and feature writing are born from experience. Butcher sat "on the box" for many top NASCAR Teams with over 50 Crew Chief Wins to his credit. NASCAR Wins in Phoenix and Las Vegas were proud moments. Butcher Managed a NASCAR Cup Team in Suzuka Japan as part of the very first NASCAR Cup Race held outside the USA.

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