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Angel Investment & Venture Capital Consulting


If you have a succesful company and growth has created the need for a cash infusion, intrendin Growth Marketing can connect you to the best outlets for your vision. Whether you are looking for Angel Investors or Venture Capital Partners, our resources can help you to find the best source to fund your dream.

intrendin Growth Marketing helps bring your ideas to light. Packaging your idea for funding launches your idea forward.
Angel investment can be a better avenue than traditional banks. intrendin Growth Marketing helps you decide.
At intrendin Growth Marketing, we help you decide if trading a slice of ownership is equals the cash you need.
Ideas Need Funding


You have a great thing going and are established. You have found your audience and cash is preventing you from new growth. Our experience can help you to identify the correct path to bring your idea to light.




Tip: Cash is king. More companies struggle due to a lack of cash than due to a lack of profit percentage. Percentage points are good, but cash can be invested for maximum return.

Angel Investment Search


You want to maintain full control. Your bank has told you that they need cash flow of 1.25 and solid books to lend you money. Banks take little risk and are more concerened with how they will be paid verses being a partner in your business.



Tip: Angel Investors are willing to take more risk and invest in your company with interest rates that are reasonable. While Angel Investors accept risk - they do expect a return and avoid gambling. Expect to provide complete due dillegence to land Angel money.

Venture Capital Search


Venture Capital can be the route to fund something big. VC companies often provide guidence along with funding. We can guide you to the partners that excel in your niche.





Tip: Venture Capital helps you to grow. Being ready for the strings that come with VC money will give you the incentive to do it on your own and exahaust all possibilities for self funding. Family investment keeps you in control and carries its own set of complicating factors.

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