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Measure & Adapt Your Digital Presence

Intrendin Growth Marketing works to minimize waste in Advertising. By understanding your products, services and the needs of people, we strive to build online programs that work your budget to reach full potential. Analytics are set up with easy to understand metrics. Adapting to the ever changing landscape is accomplished by customizing online solutions to be easily manipulated for ongoing performance.

intrendin Growth Marketing measures your online campaigns utilizing the extensive tools provided within the Google Analytics Dashboard.
Google Analytics

The Dashboard provided by Google Analytics is absolutely free. Powerful measuring tools visually show you which programs are working and point you to needed adjustments. Google Analytics and Google Adwords advertising provide you with an advertising venue at the budget you set. We help you choose the best way to approach your market while giving you the security to increase budget or even stop your spend in seconds. We measure efforts and sustain growth.

Targeted Facebook Ads create sales economically. intrendin Growth Marketing brings experience to target your customers the first time with precision aim.
Measuring Facebook Ads

Targeting on Facebook can be well aimed. If you know your market, you can target groups that produce a real return. Creating a package that completes the circle of decision provides you with powerful tools to extend your reach with precision. To win, it pays to attack the marketplace on multiple fronts with a unified message that is measured and tailored continuously. We point you to your customers and you deliver the quality that created your opportunities. Growing likes is great - conversions are awesome.

intrendin Growth Marketing brings visual awareness by targeting your instagram presence.


Connecting with your customers via Instagram keeps you in touch and increases the range of your demographic. We train you on easy to implement ideas that jump start your efforts to build a personal connection with powerful and repeatable impact.

Twitter engages your customers in real time. intrendin Growth Marketing can send tweets for you creating dynamic interactions with your customers. Targeting Twitter ads is a winning tool.
Twitter Revealed


Announcing your message in real time allows you to send information as it develops. Creating followers is the result of providing knowledge and information that is valuable to your base. By coordinating a circle of online tools, you are assured of reaching the most people at efficient costs. We explain how discipline replaces dollars producing interactions that are fun complete with instant feedback to keep you in trend in time.

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