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Product Videos that Sell via Knowledge Sharing

Video Production needs a professional touch. intrendin Growth Marketing gets your video program off the back burner and online working for you.

Explainer Videos


Utilizing Product Videos to educate your customers about your products speaks louder than a print or web ad. Videos give your team the platform to sell through education. We can provide a turnkey video or work with you to produce the content and copy that meets your needs. Intrendin Growth Marketing has witnessed the exponential growth of paid video ads. The ad success in the video pay per click space is phenomenal.


Company Image Videos


Producing Videos that leverage your Social Media team to gain added exposure are a great way to get your products and services noticed.


Creating a Video Press Release is seen instantly online. We know many companies try to produce videos "in house", but somehow they never get done.


Our crack staff can produce Videos in a Product or Interview format gaining you positive exposure.


Defining your goals gets you a video set that amplifies your Digital Foot Print helping to round out your One Message Marketing Approach.


Getting started is the hard part. Once started - you might just have some fun and gain attention that takes your company to the next level.


From YouTube style to Professional - we can tailor a video for you.

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