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Turn Key Marketing Solutions for the Real World

Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions to get you noticed.
One Message Marketing Shaped for Small Business
Creating a One Message Media Strategy is our goal via intrendin Growth Marketing tools
Media Strategy

Developing a strategy that hammers home the benefits of your company, services and products produces results. Fragmentation of your message clouds memory and reduces the effectiveness of the impressions we work so hard to create.


At Intrendin, we analyze your business and focus on One Message that extends across, print ads, catalogs, websites extending to across your Digital foot print.


Think Intrendin


Think One Message

Intrendin Growth Management

Social Marketing relies on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Google. We focus on the main social media outlets and strategy dictates the social media outlets chosen to fit your company by intrendin Growth Managment
Social Marketing

If you have a product, company or sevice, then you simply need to hammer every avenue of Social Marketing. The Social Marketing Platforms are plentiful. We focus on the fronts that produce the most benefit.


Since our core customer is Small Business, we know we are spending your money we take great care to avoid waste. Giant corporations are spending stock market money, so they just toss money around. We are the custodian for your brand and protect your profits as if they were our own.


Increasing your Digital Footprintt is a key element of the intrendin Growth Marketing process
Digital Marketing

We build your Digital Foot Print. From Websites and Social Media to Google Adwords and Targeted Facebook ads. We work with you to create a Digital Marketing Plan that maximizes your budget and exempefies your products and services.


Twitter & Instagram are a great way to interact with qualified customers. Drive home the One Message plan accross your Digital Foot Print and coordinate efforts with Print and Product launches for maximum impressions.


Email Blasts are created & timed to fit the Digital Foot Print we help you build.

Ensuring your products maintain a top ranking on Amazon takes constant monitoring. intrendin Growth Marketing has built top ranked sales on the Amazon platform.
Amazon & More

Our methods created the #2 best selling product at the item level on Amazon. More impressively, the category contained over 3 million products. Our promotion methods produced a Top 50 Rank competing against 3 Million products in the category.


A #2 ranking was impressive considering the sales price was double that of the #1 ranked item. The Product was ranked #1 in quality, #3 in the Most Wished For column. Positive customer comments were beyond impressive helping to produce new sales on a daily basis.

Presenting Branding in a professional fashion creates growth. intrendin Growth Marketing improves your brand and grows your identity
Branding & Identity

We live to create Branding efforts that get noticed. We know we can brand your company and manufacture new and measurable results. We create product brandng that produces.


Stretching dollars is our world. We know that Small Business needs to do more with less and protection of cash is where we live.


Personal Branding is often needed to support products, talent and services. if increased personal visibility is your goal, we will build a program that makes you shine.

Creating content writing with impact is how your company grows online. intrendin Growth Marketing provides the content you need for sustainable growth.


Product content creates sales. We can provide concise product marketing that gets noticed by search engines and customers alike. Content writing, SEO, Knowledge Sharing, blogging and writing are a few examples of the content we can produce.


We can train your team to take over our start up efforts or handle management with our experienced team. Original Content brings customers back again and again. Knowledge is power and we show you how to get it done.


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