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Branding that exudes your values and purpose


Popular products are considered when the company brand paints an impression of innovation and quality. Ample effort placed into presenting your company image transforms customers from buyers to contributors. Enhancing your brand with energy infused by customer contributions leverages and excites your social media efforts.

Company Branding brings a trusted advisor approach to your market. intrendin Growth Management works to enhance your brand identity.
intrendin Growth Management helps you to build company and product names that are memorable. We have a good name.
Business Branding Connects Products to Your People


Business branding is an ongoing effort that instantly populates the minds of consumers from long distance.


Logos should invoke positive memories at a glance. Business names are vital to reaching the goal of embedding your message into the minds of your audience.


Intrendin Growth Marketing can help package a One Message branding image that provides the recognition to give credibility to everything you do. Intrendin Growth Marketing excels at target branding with a heavy dose of" Digital" balanced by a dash of "Print".

Business & Product Names


Names can be just important as products and services. Names that create positive feelings are remembered at the right time. The right time being "when the wallet is out". We answer "Why".


We create names that set your products above the crowd. A name that is remembered presents products that reward.

Creating a new logo provides a memory for your market. We can create the name and build a professional logo to enhance your brand. Updating an existing logo brings a fresh look to your brand.
Logo Creation


Quality logos perform. In a glance, your customer base remembers why you exist. The best logos visually communicate positive memories.


We can help you update or create a logo that is all about Brand Regonition.

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