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Engage with your support base with visual content

Instagram brings visual marketing to your engagement group. intrendin Growth Marketing can manage Instagram to meet your goals.

Instagram gives you a personal connection


Sharing information through Instagram is fills followers with information that they ask for. Communicate with images that say more than words ever can. Adding a Visual to you Unified Message excites your customer base and prompts them to spend at your company first. Gain discretionary dollars before money ever gets to your competition!


Getting Started


Starting up an Instagram presence is a puzzle piece that fits nicely into your marketing plan. Instagram photo engagement is an area where a planned strategy creates a pre-determined schedule for your team to add content. By connecting your Instagram presence with your digital presence - your footprint increases to reach the most customers at minimal costs. Intrendin Growth Marketing works smart to increase sales and enhance the bottom line.


When it comes to new platforms, the energy of the start up builds momentum and excitement. Often, energy wains when maintenance mode arrives. Instagram is always producing energy as you are able to spread good info that your customers want. Customer action feeds energy into your staff helping to keep content free flowing. Easy and fun, we can get you going with ease.

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