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Product Visibility with a Powerful Unified Message


Products need help to sell. Even the best products won't sell less promotion that makes an impact. Powerful marketing gets your products noticed. You may know you make the best, yet your customers need to be faced with a barrage of marketing that hits on all fronts. We call it producing a Unified Message. Coordinating  Digital Foot Print components with Print ads completes the growth circle. Sustained and regimented efforts keep your products in front of your customers with a targeted approach.

intrendin Growth Management targets your base with a full circle One Message approach reaching from digital to print.
Target Customers via Adwords, Twitter & Facebook


Enaging with customers through social media grows business in a fun, targeted and efficient manner. Most companies have dipped their toe in the social media pool.


To gain maximum return, sending One Message through all of your marketing prongs increases visibility and increases your profit.


Targeting customers comes with measurement tools to give you a visual look at your online footprint. Let our proven methods pave the way for your company to reach the right customers effectively. Hit the target quickly, control the spend and eliminate waste. Intrendin Growth Marketing navigates growth efficiently.

Knowlege based marketing helps engages via a soft sell educational approach. intrendin Growth Management helps you build a Knowledge based marketing center and email blast program that brings your customers back again and again.
intrendin Growth Marketing creates a One Message concept that propells your digital footprint forward and extends through your print adversting needs.
Knowledge Based Marketing Via Websites & Email Blasts


Your customers are starved for knowledge. Let us help you create content that provides information in a format that gives your audience what they want. Education will create long term interactions and memorable impact. Email blasts that educate produce. Consumers are overwhelmed with offers - information is welcomed and opened & read.


Products you offer are created by the experts on your team. The best source to present relevant information is found within your company. We will show you how your Knowledge sharing will create the highest ranking page on your website. Bring customers back again and again by giving them the information they need.

One Message Propels Your Digital Footprint


Coordinating all of your marketing efforts with a One Message approach deepens the impressions within your audience. Managing promotions, ads, PR and new product launches in an orchestrated fashion presents clarity forming branding memory that lasts.


By measuring impact and increasing communication between internal groups, your external message will be heard and waste will be reduced. One Message is a core value that we covet. We manage One Message to hit with force. From outside agencies to internal departments - we bring it all together and connect to your audience by keeping them plugged in and up to date.

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