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How We Work

We move projects off the back burner tailored for Small to Mid Size Business


Intrendin Growth Marketing brings you the proven methods that created 2 Golf Digest Hot List Wins. Top 100 Category product Rank on Amazon competing against 3 million items along with #1 quality rank and #2 Amazon Most Wished For.

Planned Programs make your Company, Products & People visible.


We build you the program that has created proven growth custom tailored to meet your needs.



Go Forward Move Ahead


You need to know our service costs upfront. We offer a variety of solutions and hand tailor every detail to utilize your funds wisely. Our services are custom for each project. To ascertain pricing - we define your goals and break down your options in a simple ABC fashion. By providing a Good, Better, Best pricing set - your team is provided with a big picture view that paints your vision with an "order of magnitude" pricing model allowing your team to Go Forward & Move Ahead. Once we are in the ball park, we break down the detail and provide simple defined pricing.


We know you need pricing answers quickly - with a consultation, we can provide the numbers you need to make decisions.


Many of our services are designed so you can choose to have our team handle the set up and then train your team to manage the daily maintanence. We strive to make ourselves replaceable - in this way - we keep you in control and save you money. Our "make ourselves replaceable" mindset gives your team needed security and control.


Relationships Rule - we become immersed in your business and grow together.



intrendin Growth Marketing is a true partner that approaches your goals as in the same fashion we approach ours.
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