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Tweet Your Way To Engaged Customers

Twitter engages your customers in real time. intrendin Growth Marketing can send out your tweets to grow your presence with a full circle One Message approach.

Tweet a Unified Message


Really, it's pretty easy to get going with your message on Twitter. To gain new business you need a full circle of timely marketing. Even if you have never used Twitter by now you have noticed it is everywhere. We get you set up and you are on your own or we handle the Tweets for you and build your Twitter following. Intrendin Growth Marketing improves your content.



Getting Started


We would like to tell you that Twitter is insanely hard. Reality dictates that getting starting is amazingly simple.


The secret is found in using the tricks hidden within Twitter helping to extend your reach. To squeeze into the crowded Twittersphere your 140 characters need to strike a nerve and be coordinated with your entire marketing package.


While Twitter is easy to use - creating a routine that is connected to your unified message is how viral action occurs. Marketing initiatives that build on the Twitter platform give you instant feedback. 

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