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Finding Sponsor money is tough work. The reality is that the odds create a scenario where your team will want to know a game plan before dollars are spent. We know many sponsor search companies will take your money and promise the world. We take a different approach. We work hard, you supply solid reason why a Corporation or local company would give you money to gain exposure for their brand and we identify an upfront rate based on your budget balanced by real world reality. A full circle One Message plan creates a program that is recognized by potential marketing partners. We identify your sponsorship goals and build a plan that let's you know what you get in advance. Intrendin Growth Marketing give informs you upfront to ensure your search budget matches your long term goals. Check in with us and we will give you a few sponsor search tips at zero charge. We have racing experience so we understand. We identify fees allowing your team to make the right choices. We build marketing around your individual strengths.

Race Team & Event Sponsor Search


With 50 + NASCAR wins under our belt we know racing. We talk with you about your team, schedule and appearances. From there - we give you an upfront fee and negotiate a percentage of potential sponsor dollars collected on your behalf.


We build your presentation and focus our search based on research avoiding the spegetti on the wall approach. When you win - we win giving us ample reason to work our heads of to find race sponsors. Our goal is to build a foundation that allows your team to grow and be recognized. Relationships in the industry including PRI, SEMA, NASCAR and more gets your team ahead.


We excel at bringing you tools that keep you noticed.



intrendin Growth Marketing formulates a realistic plan to fund your racing dream.
PGA, LPGA and the mini tours are a passion of intrendin Growth Marketing. We utilize our resources to get you packaged for success.
Pro Golfer & Event Sponsor Search


We have multiple Golf Digest Hot List Wins in our fold and have many contacts in the golf industry. If you aspire to play on one of the tours we are happy to prepare a customized sponsorship plan based around your needs. We align your expectations and form a plan that can be exectuted. We work to find you the right partner. Golf industry, PGA & LPGA connections help pave your future. Golf Digest Hot List wins create an insider approach.


Tailoring an approach that meets your goals is where we start. Our goal is to connect championship caliber players to champion caliber endorsements and potential investors. We create a promotional plan that gets you noticed in a stress free fashion allowing you to stay focused on what is important - Your Game!

We work with Charities at minimal cost to help organize funding.
Charity Event Sponsor Search


We have a special place for a good cause. Finding charity dollars is harder than ever. We work with you to identify a program that will work for your group. Since we are a  We work hard to increase the visibility of your cause based on an upfront approach. Finding the visibility method that is tailored around your group is the best way to start. Together we identify the tools that meet your needs.

Sponsor Search - We look in all the right places

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