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Building an Optimized Facebook Presence

Connecting with your customers via Facebook provides ample options for interaction with pre-qualified customers. Passionate follows become the advocate for your brand. Intrendin Growth Marketing provides your Facebook page and increase excitement with timely posts elevating awareness for your brand. Targeting customers with Facebook ads is accomplished with precision. We meet with your team and hit the mark fast and efficiently.

Facebook is an easy way for business and individuals to reach their audience. intrendin Growth Marketing works hard to align your needs with solid Facebook awareness.
Facebook for Business & Athletes

A unified message deepens the impact of your marketing. We create a feel on your Facebook Business Page that connects with your other marketing platforms.


Presenting a unified message to the right customers is the key to sustainable growth.

Facebook is a platform that allows you to reach your customers with precision aim. intrendin Growth Marketing creates a precision Facebook ad campaign for economical sustainable growth.

Facebook Ads

Targeting your customers maximizes nearly any ad budget. Facebook tools help locate and promote to the right customers. Budget control is in your hands. Increasing for growth or decreasing for cost management gives you peace of mind with budget adjustment ability that can be implemented in seconds. Increase spend for a new product launch in a coordinated fashion.

Posting engaging content in a timely and regimented fashion is a core value for the intrendin Growth Marketing team.
Timely Facebook Posts

Providing knowledge and exciting content to your customers improves your chances of going viral. Increase interaction by creating a regimented approach to your Facebook posts.


Your team may have a creative person with the discipline to post concise and credible information in house. You can use our services and sit back while our staff reaches your customers leaving you free to create and focus on the day to day of your business.

Enhancing your Facebook page may benefit from the diverse group of plug ins offered by Facebook. intrendin Growth Marketing navigates through the choices creating the most impact at minimum cost.
Plug Ins 

Dressing up your Facebook Business Page presents a variety of programs to engage with your customers. Easy access to your Digital Catalog or convienient Facebook connection to your products and services their is a variety of plug ins availble to meet your needs.


We can point you towards the economical plugins that provide the best return matched specifically to your business goals. We work while you earn more profits.


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