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Our Mission

Our mission is to reach small to medium size business. Intrendin Growth Marketing creates One Message across all marketing platforms - both print and digital. Efficiency and minimizing waste are built into our mindset. Print advertising and digital advertising programs are managed to reach your customers the first time. We avoid numbers that are created for show and focus on the niche market customer that makes you money. We trade inflated "Likes" and "Follows" and replace them with relationships that are based in a sustained engagement. Intrendin Growth Marketing understands that time is your resource that is in short supply. We handle your time with the care and concern with people who have been there. Revamping your existing programs or building a start up is where we want to be. We implement and execute profitable visibility.

Communications, both internally and externally, are prepared to create maximum reach at minimal cost respecting the limitations faced by small business. Our turnkey approach gets your business up and running with a dynamic marketing program that is connected from print catalogs to online marketing vehicles.


We work with you to identify the staple marketing platforms that fit your brand, products and business. Our team believes in personal branding and we take the steps get individuals noticed resulting in an increase in endorsements and appearances.

intrendin Growth Marketing brings passion to every project. We believe and live the partnership approach.
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