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Empowering Ideas

Creating a new idea is a special accomplishment. While special, just because you think up an idea, it pays to consider that ownership of ideas belongs to more than just the individual. Ideas only take on life when they are supported by groups that are larger than the singularity that created inspiration. Feel good about inspiring others and your ideas will take on larger-than-life expectations.

If you revere those that went out on the limb with you in support of the idea presented, you will find a higher level of success than you could find on your own.Ideas are truly owned by the groups of people that pledge their belief. Ideas that are void of support muddle in the quicksand of challenge. Life is sucked out of creations before they are allowed to breathe if we are unable to motivate those around us to share in the fun. To inhale full lungs of inspiration, ideas need the energy of groups.

Groups can range from just two people to the entire planet. Ownership and prosperity occur when the needed backing pushes thought into processes that can be implemented at costing that is equal to the profit potential. Profit potential can be measured in dollars, but it sometimes has more value if measured in workplace satisfaction. Great ideas are often about more than just money.

Ownership of ideas is found in the groundswell of activity that believers provide. Believing is contagious. Thank goodness for those creators of ideas that are dynamic enough to evangelize greatness for mass acceptance. By being appreciative and respectful, ideas are allowed to prosper when ownership is shared by those that promote the infant concepts to a level that allows more than just one person to see the benefits of thought. Traction of global acceptance is owned by all that participate. Joy is found in the inspiration that sets an original concept in motion.

As more people become aware of new ideas, it seems reasonable that the odds of idea adoption are increased.Ideas that bounce around one brain are just passing thoughts that are short on benefit. Ideas that connect the minds of many are truly owned by the groups that support them.

True leaders grasp that “their” idea was never theirs, and original concepts are spurred forward by the flowing barrage of inspiration that funnels influence into a package that can be carried by others.Every minute of every day creates interactions within our personal ecosystem. The connection of people and processes in our visible world inspires thoughts that can be put into practice. Value is found by volunteering ownership of our original thoughts to all that choose to believe.

Empowerment is found at the idea ownership level. Contagious belief is the power source that fuels sustainable efforts, thus expanding ownership of ideas to more than a single individual.Great ideas grow based on the passion of people that are willing to promote the goal. Passion pushes ideas to the stage of exponential belief. Shared ownership propels initiatives into the spotlight. Entire organizations or customer groups become stock holders in ideas simply by participating.

A concept is yours for only the amount of time that the idea is contained within your internal self. At the point your idea becomes external, innovation expands based on the passion and participation of groups you reach. If you relinquish ownership of an idea in its infancy, you increase the odds that group ownership will allow your creation to find its true potential. Pride and satisfaction squeeze ego aside, allowing those that participate to feel the inclusion of idea ownership. Partnering in ownership fuels motivation, and intellectual greed is tossed into the trash bin of waste.

People that provide ornaments of idea enhancement are eager to evangelize their actions into what often becomes an entity that is larger than the concept individually stumbled upon.

At idea inception, at least some credit must be given to society, to the people around you, and to the groups that inspired you to think of a solution. The path of identification that allowed you to understand a problem was absolutely created by the environment you live in.

Ownership truly belongs to all that contributed comments and actions, giving your brain the ingredients of inspiration. Those that spurred the tiny inputs along the way paved the path toward a shared solution.

Efforts more effectively climb the mountain of success if they are accepted by more than a single mind. It does little good to own an idea that nobody is aware of. Your so-called idea only finds prosperity when awareness of groups feels enough ownership to take chances and exert enthusiastic energy to pass on the concept to the next link in the chain.

Connecting ideas to groups that can utilize the concept completes the process of positive change. What you retain is the creativity to repeat the process that inspires the next great idea, giving the world around you something new to own.

Go Forward – Move Ahead

Jeff Butcher

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