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intrendin Growth Marketing keeps you in the news with positive PR and digital noteriety.
From NASCAR to Short Track Racing, intrendin Growth Marketing can build you and ecomomical PR program that helps bring sponsors to you.
Postive PR builds your name. intrendin Growth Marketing creates the PR to help you reach your dreams.

Aspiring Golfer PR Program


Are you ready to take the leap into the world of Pro Golf? Whether you play on one of the pro mini tours or are a college golfer with dreams of making it in the bigs, then we can build a portfolio to increase your online footprint helping to get you noticed when the time is right to attract capital. We promote you vigorously placing you in the spotlight of recognition. Intrendin Growth Marketing builds your brand while you focus on your game.


Racecar Driver PR Program


Is racing more than a hobby? Are you a top driver with dreams of making it to the top levels of NASCAR? Is the Indianapolis 500 in your future. If so, gaining attention separates you from the pack increasing your chances of landing that big deal. We have several programs from turnkey to ala-cart to meet the needs of your budget. From Saturday night to Cup - we have a program for you.





Athlete & Public Figure PR


Exuding a positive image gains you needed exposure and excellence future and present. Athletes in sports of all types need positive PR to move ahead while playing and after. We build you up and create a clear path of positive exposure. We aim your public profile to hit the center of the cup with Pin Point Precision.


Maybe you are at the top of your game. Perhaps your professional days are can see a business transition is on the horizon. We build your brand to help you now while setting you up for the future. We work to get you noticed today, so you can play after the whistle. Plan for success. One Message is the way.



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