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Motivational Speaking


Intrendin Growth Marketing identifies the need and bring your group together with real talk to set the One Message approach in motion. In a casual format, we spread the word to your group keeping people engaged in the Digital Footprint. The online impact of your employees is vital to maximizing grass roots marketing. Your team is made up of the best people to evangelize your goals resulting in a measurable and visible difference. We can even write a speech for leaders to delever.


Program Training


We have the proven tools to measure and maximize exposure via print, social, online, networking, blogging and more. We have a look at existing parts that make up your marketing engine and then provide training to enlist teamembers to embrace the intrendin way.


Our training can be at the C-Level, one on one, or be provided in group format in fun and dynamic fashion. We avoid the double speak that seems to dominate in the marketing world distracting real people from the real message. At intrendin, we beleive the overuse of business acumen and exotic terms is simply a disguise that covers results with invented hollow expertise. We believe in talking with real people in a conversational setting. Our process removes fear and creates engagement that is remembered.


The goal is simple - efficient use and implementation of effective tools.

We bring One Message to your group. intrendin Growth Marketing communicates our One Message approach to align goals.

On Topic Motivational Speaking aligning team success.


Group Training to Maximize Intrendin

Growth Management tools.

Ongoing training keeps your team in front setting a high standard. intrendin Growth Marketing ensures your team has the training to put you in front.
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