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Conferences & Company Retreats

A Successful Large Event


If you have a large event that might include travel, golf, speakers, dinners, awards (and more) you want to put on a smooth running first class event. We can help you to organized a retreat, or awards ceremony, that is first class. We strive to utilize your team to balance needs across the board. Controlling costs and presenting a first class outing is where we excel. We work to pull together the small details allowing you to focus on team members and customers.


We can provide a turnkey solution or engage with your staff to keep expenses under budget.


Halls Hotel & Logistics


Logistics to pull together a great retreat or conference range from airfair to accomadations. Finding the location that meets your needs is a partnership that relies on trust and experiance.


We handle events understanding the importance that places great importance on the experiance of attendees. We just handle it allowing your team to relax and enjoy.


The best of events face challenges - we plan in advance and are ready to pounce on the unexpected ensuring a presentation that rolls along with out a hitch.

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